Fresh starts, all around, and ThxFriday, Tuesday Edition.

ThxFriday, Tuesday (because I missed last week) Edition: Happy half-empty gym discoveries and a new post-work routine; continued A+ 100’s success in exchange for actually putting in the work; teenage compliments; mini-reunions and excellent hugs on an Eagles of Death Metal Thursday night; bearing witness to bravery paying off (I can always learn a thing or three); getting to say my piece; finding empathy and gratitude in the oddest of places; my chosen team of nurturers, protectors, and wise guides, and the invincibility of having those folks in my corner; the fact that I’m on that list, too; chipping away at all the collections; reinvesting in the nesting; rising ever higher above and moving ever further on; the arrival of fall (oh, how I’ve missed you); and all the ways in which life continues to challenge me to LIVE, not just exist. What a gift.

PSA: I decided to preserve the old WB blog, lock it down with restricted access, and use that site for more personal musings that are not the business of the general public. If any friend reading this has interest in gaining access, just let me know. You’d have to have/create a WordPress account, which may be a deterrent. But I already feel better, not having all those posts out there as a target for unwanted attention. You’d think, after 15+ years of online writing, I’d have my privacy preferences figured out – but then, I haven’t always (inadvertently) been on the receiving end of such strong interest, either. /vaguepost  This will be the “fit for public consumption” side of things, assuming there is such a thing, and I’m glad to have the space.

Also, because I just read a Captain Awkward post that offered up some real timely reminders, here’s an appropriate GIF: