Saturday Sampler. (updated)

(wherein I post links to all the foods and desserts I’ve discovered in the past week that must get made at some point because YUM)

  1. Smitten Kitchen’s s’more cupcakes: Imagine, if you will, a cupcake made with graham cracker crumbs, a hollowed-out filling of milk chocolate ganache, and then whipped marshmallow frosting, toasted lightly with what I presume and hope is a mini-flame thrower. WANT.
  2. Saveur’s mint chocolate chip cookies: Warm, chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies with a little crushed candy cane on top, slightly melted for a little crunch… heavenly.
  3. Another Smitten Kitchen discovery, salted brown butter crispy treats: Just thinking about these makes my mouth water. I’d probably experiment by putting mini-chocolate chips on top, just to counter the salt a bit and make them extra tasty. As if they need any help.
  4. Camembert and roasted garlic: I… uh… I don’t think I need to say anything else. I’d imagine that some kind of warm cranberry relish, honey, and a toasted baguette would make this a perfect thing. Plus wine, of course. Always with the wine.

Okay, so apparently it was just sweets this week. Totally okay with that. ❤


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