ThxFriday, “That’s How the Light Gets In” Edition.

Wrapping up the Weekend of A.P.; keeping the kids alive; the raising of awareness (my own, and those around me); sleeping in my own magical bed; coming off that challenge straight into clubhouse food (and wine); beautiful autumn days spent outdoors, raising money for an excellent cause; all the things running smoother than ever; accidental innovation; commiseration co-conspirators; the sustenance of memories; doing well enough to take a break; a return to the gym, having missed it for a week; recognizing terrible dreams as a means of sorting through and letting go; when the morning sun shines through the trees after an evening of rain, making misty sunbeams; clear skies and cooler days & nights ahead; brief (but welcome) homework respites; and looking forward to self-care Saturday, sort-out Sunday, and a week filled with kitties, chickens, and a wide-open sky full of stars. ❤


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