Saturday Curiosities.

Lengthy and informal (and primarily rhetorical/internal) Saturday Poll:

What is your primary means of interacting with your friends? Text? Email? Phone calls? Intentional plans? Figuring you’ll run into them at a certain location and hoping for the best?

For those of you in relationships or married, do you get most of your personal interaction needs met through your partner/family? Or do you spend a fair amount of time with others outside of your relationship/marriage?

Do you see/talk to your friends in person as often as you’d like? If so, are you more of the active planner type who reaches out to effect contact and make the plans? Or do you count on/wait for others to reach out to you?

Does the internet make you feel as though you get enough interaction from people? Is it a primary means of interaction, or more of a tool to facilitate in-person interactions?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Curiosities.

  1. Text and email.

    I spend a fair amount of time interacting with others but usually online since most of my friends live a good distance away. Also, I hate leaving the house. So my needs are met by all of the folks you listed but my “people needs” are verrrry small. IOW, I’m probably gonna wait on others.

    Based on the above, I think you know what my answer would be to your last query. 🙂
    Would love to see people more but hate planning anything and hate going anywhere. I mean, for real.

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    • I have this preconceived notion, and I have no idea where it came from, that there’s something bad or wrong about enjoying being at home alone. Not that I think that about anyone else, of course, just me. Also that there’s some kind of expectation on me that I’m not doing enough to maintain the relationships I do have, even though they all, when examined closely, perfectly meet the majority of my needs. I do enjoy in-person time, absolutely, but I am terrible at planning, also. In fact, I think I could have written your reply. 😀

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