ThxFriday, Courage Edition.

Fresh eggs and warm kitties; lengthy Saturday AND Sunday naps; the luxury of reading an entire book in a day; early submissions and on-time departures; celebrating one of my favorite little dudes; fast-moving weeks; new opportunities; PDX plans all coming together; the promise of the ocean; realizing, once again, I am usually the one getting in my own way (and doing my best to get out of it); minor explosions clearing the air; solution orientation; active gratitude; finding that perfect fit – when you know, you know; recognizing patterns and cycles in others, reinforcing the lessons for you; moving on when it’s time to (let) go; and having a good excuse to put on some silly makeup and wear a costume to work. We have a little dude staying with us who is VERY EXCITED about Halloween. He’s dressing up as Captain America, and there was no way I was going to let him be the only one dressed up today when we trick-or-treat this afternoon. None of my other co-workers dressed up, so it looks like it’s just him and me. RAWR! ❤



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