ThxFriday, Bridges to Everywhere Edition.

Out of town visitors and beer and new and friendly faces; lengthy sessions; Halloween crafting; football brunch becoming an all-day extravaganza; new homes, happy visits; sick time, recovery time, homework time in between the naps time, and getting better just in time for vacation time; forward-focused offer acceptance; making it to the other side of telling the truth about experiences and memories; Captain Awkward and all that collective wisdom; being able to sleep on planes; the very best hugs, 3.5 years past due; digging in immediately upon arrival; and all the people I’m wanting/hoping/trying to see, who appear to be hoping the same. 🙂

It’s a funny thing, to come back to a town where I felt lonely and “apart” for most of the time, only to see that it must have been me, because I’m surrounded by nothing but love. Imagine that. Flying in over all the gorgeous, idyllic trees; wondering if those mountaintops ever get lonely, being all stunning with their heads in the clouds; wandering the town with friends and solo and remembering all kinds of moments… Portland, I sure did miss you.


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