ThxFriday, All Signs Point to Yes Edition.

The offer and acceptance and the notice and the silence and the confirmation (and relief) and the dinner and the jokes and the fire and the talks and the brunch and the laughs and the sausage & kraut and more laughs and the elk and the drive and the beers and the hilariously unnecessary warnings and the memories and the view to wake up to and the weather and the ocean and the swing and the E-shot and the veggies and the bridge and the eagles and the chat with the old veteran and the naps and the cocktails and that dinner and the smarts and the laughs and the small plates and the catching up and the coffee and the affirmations & reminders and the walking and, I mean, THAT VIEW, and the drinks and the introductions and the sweetness and the hugs and “til next times”, all of which was squeezed into just a few magical days; safe journeys home and remembering where that is (it’s in your heart, and it’s in mine, too); EMDR and my powerhouse team; feeling that stuff disappear to the wind; successful surgeries and the promise of feeling better; skipping homework in exchange for hospital visits (and doing well enough to afford the miss); familial ties and friends who hold presence; new neighbor introductions (I think we have a winner!); and the arrival of yet another Friday and weekend filled with food, friends, family, and moving ever forward.


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