ThxFriday, Lights at the Ends of Tunnels what are not Trains Edition.

Family dinners with the funniest kids; rubber glove theft for turkey-making missions; an excellent brunch on a beautiful day with some wonderful folks; add a beer to that equation; knowing my mama’s in the very best hands (membership has its privileges); shepherd’s pie on a cool autumn night; movies for homework; Sunday visits and friends who hold presence; acquiring knowledge of the upcoming Leipers Fork Christmas Parade​ (with pigs! There might be PIGS in the parade! And tractors and horses, too!); passion driving the writing; the freedom found in full monty honesty; saving yourself in order to help some others; that little light or spark that reminds you of your worth; the people who do it for you when the flicker tries to fade; knowing the truth (or the padding thereof) when you hear it; acceptance of others where they are; leaving them there, when that’s what’s best; rooms with birds for necessary respites; bonding over 70’s love; and today – an ending and a beginning, all in one. ❤


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