ThxFriday, Running to Stand Still Edition.

Friday dinner funtime with a longtime friend/former classmate; braving downtown for the hugs and the music of my favorite local band of fellas; powering through the readings and the quizzes and the paper-writing, with just another week or so to go; the smell and taste of freedom (it’s like grilled cheese and cookies, FYI); embarking on a new job adventure; the relief of being surrounded by active gratitude, adherence to guidelines, and the embrace of growth to help as many people as possible; a CEO who invites all new employees to her house for lunch; an organization that lets you bring your dog(s) to work; finding joy in opportunity; finding gratitude in struggle; hearts full-to-bursting with that feeling of good fortune; making room and allowances for all the feels; making room and allowances for all the FOOD (and pie x 2); taking the neighbor kid on a ride in the R8; 15-year old wisdom; 16-year old work ethic and resilience; a Will Ferrell movie that’s actually funny; and three days ahead in which to wrap up all the things, clearing the path for what comes next. ❤


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