ThxFriday, Freedom Edition.

Taking the final quiz and that first huge sigh of relief; gluten-free baking adventures that turn out pretty okay (even when the cake weighs fifteen pounds); BBQ and birthday celebrations; early morning airport trips; letting things (and people) go instead of trying to force the issue; recognizing when it probably just ain’t right; brunch with friends, our Minnesotan waitress, and beer all afternoon; embracing mistakes as a means of learning more; hallway fights serving as an always-welcome reminder; rising above the chaos; laughing when it gets to be too much; taking a cue from a 15 year old for removal of self from dramatic situations; being surrounded by gratitude and grace; reaching out and making plans; letting someone else take the lead for once; recognizing crazy for what it really is; the discovery of friendly, familiar neighbors; dinner out with mom; WD-40 for the bee-hinds; and what looks to be a pretty great weekend ahead. ❤


2 thoughts on “ThxFriday, Freedom Edition.

    • Hahahahah! It was probably closer to 7-8 lbs, and was more like a pumpkin spice cake loaf consistency, and then covered in whipped cream cream cheese frosting. Dense. And delicious.


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