ThxFriday, You’re My Satellite Edition.

Tacos, hot chocolate, and Christmas lights with a pretty amazing 15 year old; Saturday morning massages; productivity instead of the Leiper’s Fork nativity festivities; high-school-crush-turned-down-the-street-neighbor doing the Lord’s work with that damn dresser (more treats are on the way); burgers with family; every busy work day filled with so many kinds of gratitude; news from the toxic war fronts further affirming all decisions made and actions taken; board members honoring the staff for Christmas, and getting to hobnob in that faincy house; breaking in that contoured pillow; lengthy conversations, each as meaningful as the last; playing Rumpelstiltskin, at least for a couple of days; treat exchanges at work; Thursday night dinner dates with my mama; being challenged by the people who remind me, just by being there, of who I really want to be; swapping it out for Boston and Kansas; finding better ways to say difficult truths; opting for comfort and TCOB in place of a long-awaited Christmas show (maybe next year, Mike Farris); hopping straight into jammies at 5pm instead; getting more done in the span of three hours than has been done in the last three years (at least as it pertains to paperwork); and just having so many things to look forward to.

Tis the weekend of reclamation and celebration.

And this. I am so, so grateful for this. As my friend captioned… “Dream big, little meow meow.” You know? I think I will. ❤



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