ThxFriday, Tea, Thunderstorms, and Jive Christmas Dinnerware Dreams Edition.

Opting out of shows and into jammies for sanity’s and productivity’s sake; telling the necessary parts of the story; recognizing just how unattainably high (and unfair) my expectations are of myself sometimes (and learning to let that go); solid Saturday sessions with Noelle; calling out the holiday malaise; navigating new terrain; refusing to fall prey to negative temptations; doing the work to keep those epigenetic switches flipped; touching up the roots and book club intros; dinner dates with really good humans; slowly becoming that go-to person; saying yes in the face of fear; building a life and then immersing myself in it (you know, instead of just passive participation); eating all the many treats and good food this week as the proverbial dumping of the dirt on the carpet before getting out the vacuum; sitting with all the memories of holidays past, acknowledging them one by one (and wishing them well as they move along); family traditional dinners; and waking up from a fantastic dream to the sound of thunder and rain on Christmas Day.

As always, my thoughts, love, and heart are with all of you, whether it’s the very best season or one of the hardest times – we’re all in this together, y’all. As it should be. ❤


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