ThxFriday, Happy Everything Edition.

Christmas (and weathering the winter blues) with loved ones; Saturday morning massage as regular practice; coffee dates with out-of-towners; impromptu beers with a LinkedIn lurker; wiping the last part of a particular slate clean; second dates for dinner with ice cream on top; finally getting productive instead of just talking about it; lavender, peppermint, and rosemary (oh my!); bringing the sound of the ocean inside; acknowledging the anger and making space for all of it; finally moving through and past a bit of the annual darkness; friends who extend – themselves, and invitations; joyous co-workers; holding hands across the miles; ringing in 2016 in the company of really good humans; finding ways to always tell the truth; and choosing to spend the first day of the new year clearing away the literal, figurative, and emotional wreckage.

Every moment is another chance to get things right.

It’s also a chance to post a picture of a goat.




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