ThxFriday, Saturday… er, Sunday Edition.

The first day of the new year absolutely well-spent, between sleeping in and cleaning up; the joys of takin’ it old-school; canceled plans making way for further productivity; farewell-for-now dinners and eating ALL THE SUSHI; homemade ice cream sundaes, warm brownies, laughter, and camel masks; shopping with the ladies; late afternoon lunches over which to impart some wisdom; braving the unknown and getting out of my own way; parking pass commitments; boot camp butt kicking by one of the very best and in some very good company; self-selecting ghosters who make it easy to move on without a whole lot of WTF residual; no longer allowing for unwelcome entitlements; those little sparks of insight blasting room for bigger wisdom; losing the feelings of incomplete impostor; daily reminders of how far we’ve come; retail therapy to remedy the holes in socks condition; the joy of an early bedtime; magic hands and magic hearts; Saturday afternoon playoffs fun; a belated Yule celebration with good-hearted friends and much-needed hugs; and the quiet of a Sunday morning giving way to an afternoon of nesting, cooking, gearing up for next semester, and watching the Seahawks win. Of course.


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