ThxFriday, Nothin’ Clever Edition.

Saturday massage, followed by football, followed by a long-awaited Yule gathering of friends (it was a really pretty wonderful and much-needed day and night); Sundays spent in jammies doing the nest/cook/clean thing that always feels so good; the Seahawks doing THEIR thing (even though, really, it was the Vikings just not doing their thing, but still) and keeping it alive for one more week; waking up to news of a loss and taking the time to reminisce and sit with the sadness; Tuesday night boot camp goodness; already feeling the difference, paying attention to small, good changes; continuing to build those habits; refusing to answer the door when negativity comes knocking; spring semester startup and the giddy excitement over psychopathology; friends who think of you and reach out to say so – even (and especially) over an Onion article about horrible online dating (sigh); resisting urges, questioning motives, and once again learning to just sit with things; proving myself to be invaluable; and the arrival of another weekend promising to be another few days of greatness.


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