ThxFriday, Early Departures Edition.

The beauty, freedom, productivity, and revised perspectives of getting snowed in alone; cheerful yellow birdhouses and the smiles that they bring; Sweet 16 celebrations, complete with candy bars, helium songs, and photo booth shenanigans; continued reminders of the crazy left behind with a smattering of hope for those still entrenched; hectic days that pass right by, filled with enough challenge and grace to make it all worthwhile; finding the positive sides again; neighborhood watches and awareness of the fires; employing that skill of perspective gained; boundary establishment in the face of heart string pulls; embracing RBF in all the right places (like the Macy’s at Green Hills Mall, pffbt); finding two perfect fits (without having to have one); circling the gratitude wagons; getting all the sleeps and finishing another quiz; lavender everything; turkey confit; and gearing up for a massage to knead the way into another productive weekend, with little bits of fun built in.


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