ThxFriday, It’s Actually Friday! Edition.

Longtime friends who gather for an out-of-towner visit; much needed laughs and hang time; impromptu road trips to one of my favorite cities, to spend a little time with my favorite fella; cream of Havarti cheese toast with pickled onions and a Last Word (or two); some hours being better than none; back outages serving as much-needed reminders to do stretches (and exercise and yoga and stress management and self care and and and); parents of roommates necessitating additional overnights; the silliness of Snapchat; garage beers and Thomas the cat; 2am phone recovery missions and a relocation; making peace with the simplicity and ease; better late than nevers and the promise of cupcakes in our future; falling asleep to the sound of thunderstorms; waking up to the sound of birdiess chirping; the season of bun-buns; feeling my feet; making those videos; a renewed determination to keep it positive; and looking forward to a few days of quiet, calm, restorative tending to all of the things.


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