ThxFriday, Sunny Saturday Morning Edition.

Friday nights and SHJ sushi; the glorious peace & quiet of the office on a Saturday, paving the way for a better week; the very timely return home of my sweetest sweetheart; getting to be here and available and able to show up for a family member in need; laughing our way through the trauma; late afternoon porch sitting, complete with homemade raspberry puree cocktails; when chicken works just as well as pork; moving forward with filling a space and multiple viable candidates; when squeaky wheels no longer need the grease; dinner date nights with the very best man; the second to last week of school for the semester; rocking the hell outta them grades; taking time to mourn and remember, with Purple Rain on the brain’s repeat; flashers and car chases, all in a Thursday’s work; chips and tacos date with a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years and her cutest little one; reaching the point of resignation and the willingness to do whatever it takes; seeing behavior for what it really is; being self-aware enough to call out the conflict and let the silly misplaced insecurities go; a good night’s sleep more than two nights in a row; and a weekend ahead of restoration, reclamation, and the ever-important celebration of love.


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