ThxFriday, All the Way Off Edition.

Friends and family with pools; massages and chiropractors and much-needed relief; x-ray confirmation of the uneven hips, getting down to causes and conditions; making room for all the good, including and even the closet; mimosas and meat; lengthy afternoon naps; last-minute conference travel to one of my favorite towns; bonding with co-workers, learning all the while; Garrett’s, Weber, Gino’s East, Ghirardelli, and all the other deliciousness Chicago had to offer; the return of the sweetest heart; latte and croissant delivery; powering through the longest days with a modicum of dignity and grace; taking Friday all the way off; and three day weekends filled with plans for friends and fun (and massages and hair appointments and naps and swimming and eating and drinking and…). HAPPY.