Another Saturday spew.

Wherein I dump all the things I’ve been thinking about, with the potential of some of them warranting posts of their own:

  • I’m reading Ijeoma Oluo’s new book, “So You Want to Talk About Race,” and I’m only a chapter in but it has me THINKING. A lot. I’m grateful for that, and there will likely be a lot more posts to come.
  • I keep thinking about the quote (which I can’t seem to attribute to one particular source): “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” I think it’s the one thing that helps me keep from going all the way off on white people who can’t seem to grasp the concept of institutionalized racism and systems of oppression, and how nothing got fixed just because we had a black president. There’s a whole lot more to it than that, but I am just grateful to have this to hold on to.

  • I am on Day 13 of Whole30, and while I’m feeling better overall, the crazy dreams have started. Which is saying something, because I always have crazy dreams, but last night I dreamed about stealing cookies out of the trash and hiding them from my husband. I also dreamed about a man with a really REALLY large belly wearing a white under-tank (think Carl, the neighbor from Aqua Teen Hunger Force); he’d put so much pressure on his stomach that his belly button would pop out and start talking. Just two big skin lips coming out of his belly button.
  • Another thing about Whole30 is dealing with cravings, and paying attention to just how insidious AND how predictable they are. It’s like my brain is going through its rolodex of sweet/yummy things it’s ever eaten, and it’s trying to find the ONE thing that will get me to go off this diet by thinking about it. I mean, they are RANDOM. Chocolate pudding pops, shortbread cookies… a lot of things I wouldn’t normally eat but suddenly my brain is telling me I WANT THEM REAL BAD.
  • Brains are jerks.
  • One of our cats has a timetable for when she expects to be fed, and if you don’t follow it, she very slowly starts doing asshole things until you feed her. Feeding times are 5am and 5pm, or somewhere thereabouts. In the morning, around 4:30am (if not earlier), she’ll stick her paw under the bedroom door and pick at one piece of carpet, get it stuck on her claw, and tug at it. Just one *ffft* and then she sits there for a minute, only to do it again a little louder if you aren’t awake and coming to feed her. In the afternoon, starting around 4pm, she’ll start racing around, or she’ll knock something over, or she’ll just come into whatever room you’re in and intentionally annoy you until you or start chewing on things she knows she’s not supposed to chew.
  • This is the same cat who has no control over her eating, and would eat all day long if the food were left out. In fact, she did that for the first several months we had her, which is one of the reasons she is so huge. I’ve tried having conversations with her about drinking water instead, but she just looks at me like I’m the sucker for not eating everything in site whenever I want. OK, Walken.
  • I had a great conversation/realization with Noelle TWT last week, wherein I was reminded that I am very much an introvert, and that I very much need to honor that with down time, alone time, quiet time, and self-care time, and there’s not a darn thing wrong with that. The alternative is me becoming entirely overwhelmed, because not only am I an introvert, but I’m an empath, so every time I’m around people I soak up whatever energy they’re putting out there. It’s like a double whammy, especially if there’s negativity floating around.
  • I finally like snow again. After living in Minneapolis for 5 years and really resenting having to function in that amount of snow and that level of cold, I’m back to enjoying it – even if driving in it makes me a nervous wreck.
  • My hair stylist of the last 3+ years announced another rate hike; the last one bumped her rate by $20/hour a year or so ago, and this last one is another $30/hour, putting her way outside of my financial means. I am disappointed, but – as a dear friend put it who was also going to the same salon but a different stylist whose rates also went up – walking in there started to feel like the shopping scene from Pretty Woman. I am very much NOT their target demographic: I’m not rich, young, famous, or all that interesting. So, it’s time to find someone new who can handle curly hair like mine, and do it well.
  • I found a picture of a haircut I like a whole lot, so this might be what happens next:

  • I’m still growing the silvers out, and the longer it gets the more excited I am for it to keep growing. It’s got all kinds of colors going on, but the main thing is, it’s SPARKLY. Like glittered hair, and I love it.
  • This weekend marks an unusual occurrence, where I’m actually really envious of the job my sweetheart is working on in Atlanta as I type. He’s doing sound for the Trumpet Awards, and they’re honoring Cameo, Jermaine Dupri, and others. The musical performers… well, I don’t know if it’s a secret, so I’m not going to risk getting anyone in trouble, but IT’S SO GOOD.
  • Alas, I am home in jammies studying for the CompTIA Project+ certification part of my degree program, and cuddling with a sweet kitty, so I’m doing just fine.

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